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A  N O T E  O N  T H E  C A T A L O G U E

The following first-person commentaries are not post-factum interpretations of the works they discuss, but considerations of the circumstances, data, and procedures vital to those works’ evolution and construction.


Originally written in German, most have been reworked from earlier versions collected, through the years, in private publications: The Consolation of Art (2000), Of a Piece (2002), and I Am a Little World (2005). Others texts are taken and expanded from: Das Raumwerk ARK (1996), which documented an art-for-a-building design project for the German Bundestag; Making Us Word ; or, Telegraphic Prosody (2001), which described the twelve-part work of the same name; House of Letters, which was first published in Rob Krier’s Cité Judiciaire de Luxembourg, 1991–2008 (Edition Axel Menges, Stuttgart/London 2010); a skeleton of the text on House of Changes that was included in the original proposal for the work; and Uranometria, which was composed for the booklet that marked the exhibition of the eponymous work’s forty-eight panels, from May to July 2007, at the Villa Oppenheim, Berlin.

Throughout, dimensions are given in centimeters, as height x width ( x depth ). Where not otherwise indicated, works are understood to be Collection of the Artist.



Ann Holyoke Lehmann, Berlin