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06  |   M Y  T A R G E T S
Two panels, 1982
Cut-and-pasted paper on wood
Each 120 x 120 cm
Private collection.


Wooden blockboard proved to be the ideal substrate for my cut-and-pasted pictures. The very first work I made using it was the pair of square panels—one them “white” and the other “black”—I called MY TARGETS.

As the title suggests, they were meant as an hommage à Jasper Johns’s target works, whose encaustic textures are deliberately evoked in the minimal relief of these collages’ surfaces. The lines and concentric circles of the two panels’ bull’s-eye patterns form as “welts,” where the vertical and horizontal rows of paper rectangles that make up their surfaces meet.

MY TARGET II, 1982, studies for sequential pasting in the collage process.

Nearly twenty years later, I returned to very similar forms in IO, this time gilding—or rather glazing—the Johns lily by combining my “paper encaustic” surfaces with actual ceramic objects.